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The Inside Customer Service Department takes numerous phone calls every day. What follows are 5 of the most frequently asked questions they receive. We have also tried to provide the answer to these common questions.

Top FAQs

What is the best way to identify a Bell & Gossett pump that is in the field?

There are three things that help us identify which pump you have in the field...

There are a couple of other items that help identify the pump

  • The Pump Style...inline or base-mounted
  • Flange to Flange Dimensions
  • Flange Style...2 Bolt or 4 Bolt
  • Take Pictures of the Pump
When calling about a Condensate Pump or Boiler Feed Pump how can you tell the difference between them?

There are 3 quick ways to help identify which style you have...

  1. What turns on the condensate pump?
    • If the answer is a float switch attached to the receiver then you have a Condensate Pump.
    • If the answer is a Level Controller located on the steam boiler that is wired back to the pump then you have a Boiler Feed Pump.
  2. The size of the receiver can help identify condensate vs boiler feed pump.
    • A Condensate Pump's receiver is sized for 1 minute Net Storage of the system's steaming rate. (Small)
    • A Boiler Feed Pump's receiver is sized to act as a reservoir to support a new Steam Boiler that holds considerably less water. (Large)
  3. Is there a cold water make-up line?
    • Boiler Feed Pump Receiver has a cold water line connected to its receiver to maintain a minimum water level in the receiver.
    • Condensate Receiver has NO cold water line connected to its receiver.

Here are 2 links to help you identify which style of condensate handling unit you have...

How do you set-up the Smart Control on Lochinvar series of Knight Boilers?

This is one of the most common questions that our inside customer service people handle. We have attached a "Cheat Sheet" that we reference all the time as well as email to customers who call looking for advice...

How do you convert an old Steel Compression Tank to a modern Diaphragm Compression Tank?

The Best way to size any expansion tank is to know the Water Volume of the system, the temperature range, the systems fill pressure & the boiler's relief valve setting. But sometimes that information isn't easily obtained.

If the existing Steel Tank has worked properly then there are some "Rules of Thumb" that we can use to establish the correct replacement Diaphragm Tank.

  • Multiply the gallons of the existing Steel Tank X .55 if the building is two stories or smaller...the answer will be the total tank volume of the new Diaphragm Tank.
  • If the building is three stories tall, multiply the Steel Tank X .45...the answer will be the total tank volume of the new Diaphragm Tank.
When installing tekmar reset controls, for the controls to work properly, power has to be applied to the Boiler Demand terminals on the control.

Over the years this has led to a lot of confusion in the field. Attached is a wiring schematic showing a tekmar 260 Boiler Reset control as an example...




Heating Museum

The Heating Help Museum link comes from Dan Holohan’s www.heatinghelp.com website. The Museum contains a tremendous amount of information on the older steam systems and hot water heating systems that are often difficult to locate. There is information on boilers, radiators, old steam system components and just about anything you may encounter when dealing with an old heating system.

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